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Welcome to vonHeffelfinger's collection of original music. Most MP3s are betweeen 1 - 2 Mb and streaming RealAudio versions are available for lower bandwidths. Everyone is encouraged to listen carefully and enjoy.

MIDIRAMP3 Little Chip
MIDIRAMP3 Spooky 2th
MIDIRAMP3 Stereo Action
MIDIRAMP3 Chicken Chase
MIDIRAMP3 Dry Bean Mash
MIDIRAMP3 Shreddin' Frets
MIDIRAMP3 Tackle Oedipus
MIDIRAMP3 Chiki Chiki Island
MIDIRAMP3 Big Teenage Tops
MIDIRAMP3 Uh, Music Maestro
MIDIRAMP3 A Number is an Idea

Ancient Beats of Wiccanhuff  MP3RAMIDI
Punch Start my Heart  MP3RAMIDI
Why I Quit Smoking  MP3RAMIDI
Grand Theft Robot  MP3RAMIDI
The Great Profile  MP3RAMIDI
Happy Go Happy  MP3RAMIDI
Sneak Upstairs  MP3RAMIDI
Fiesta Parade  MP3RAMIDI
Dug Dragnet  MP3RAMIDI
Chordoid  MP3RAMIDI
Invaders   MP3RAMIDI

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